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Friday, July 31, 2009

MY COMPUTER'S GOT VIRUS!!! And what's happening??? I can't change out of this ugly font!!! I hate it when my damn computer "caught" virus! My poor Window Live messenger has been deleted and now... I have to download everything again! It's been few minutes and only 25% downloaded!!! WT!!!! Ahhhhhhhh... I used the excuse of doing french to come bloggin'! Freakin' bloody computer larhhhh!!!!
Anyway, I LOVE TODAY!!! Coming to school with a friend ON 151 SOOOOO MUCH Better!!! I'm not lonely today thanks to fattty-Jolene Fong!!! She came to school with me!!! Bahahahaha... There's much more motivation of going to school when you think that someone's accomapanying you, someone you know of course, ( so Jaime and Alicia... Don't think wrong way...) We alighted 2 stops earlier and walked to school. Hahas, some people were looking at us curiously..:) It was scary at first, so dark, with only street lamps, then later there's people joggin' Can't understand those people who jogs there, who wants to jog early in e morning when you haven't even woke up, ok fine, maybe it's me. Then, we sat on e swing with jaime and alicia (crazy ppl) and they insisted that I broke the swing!!! Oh wow, i broke the swing, how amazing! It's better on the swing with the 2 of them only when Jolene's around, this way it's muvh better :) hahas. Jolene said that she might consider taking bus to school with me???!!! I can't believe it! I am eternally grateful to anyone who offers to go to school with me early in e morning! I was damn happy the previous night when Jolene told me she'll be taking the bus with me, that I laughed non-stop the whole night that my parents and sis think I'm crazy! I'm so damn H.A.P.P.Y!!! and even at night, I dreamt about taking bus with her. How crazily happy can I be? hahas... I really hope that Jolene can take bus with me every morning though she'll get half an hour or so more sleep if she was to take cheryl's car to school. (almost said cheryl's bus) Lol...
Oh wow, this is a long post... Hardly I post so long. Jiayou comp. It's 86% downloaded!!!!

i shall not mention anything abt block test at this blog. Oh wow, it rhymes.
P.S. to alicia: SS501 rocks!!! Much more than SUJU!!! Lol.-and DBSK- SS501's bestest of the bestest!!! Lol.

////////////////////////////////////////////91%//// completed.
i better gt back to french before my mum caught me blogging. Cya :)

Grrrr...4:18 AM

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hahas, K-box damn fun larh!!!!! Ahahahahahaha...
my sis tried to find SS501 songs but she can't though she remembered some korean words): saddd...
I just reached home from my ah-ma's house.. so bored now... I'm waiting for my sister to finish bathing. when she finished, i g2g... So i better write faster!!!!!!!
hmm.. what shall i say.... This is a really random blog.
I DONT WANT MONDAY TO COME!!! yeow xuan's not coming to take bus with me...): I want so desperately want yeow xuan to take bus with me in e morning everyday... Then i won't be so lonely...):
ok i g2g, wanna blog at livejournal! Cya :)

-P.S. I GOT SUBWAY COOKIES. i guess next time if I were to oversleep on my way back home to hougang, I can go get Subway cookies~ Muakakakakakakakak... Happyhappy :) Smile!

Grrrr...4:42 AM

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ahhhh... I'm looking forward to Sunday so much. I'm going K-box to celebrate my sis's birthday! I l<3ve>
Imagine the fun I'm gonna have tomorrow!
Blog test's in 2 weeks time! Die~ I'm still fooling around everyday... Laughing like hell in class, doodling on my textbook, day-dreaming, playing in class.... what am i gonna do??!! AHHhhh...
And tomorrow i'm still playing till really late. Come to think of it, i'm guilty.
I DON'T WANNA HAVE LESSONS!!! AHHHHH... I'm going crazy. Yst yst i was so desperate that I spent 6h on a history worksheet. i feel so pro. XD
ok i better get back to my horrible LA poem...
got So desperate with it... rhyme rhyme rhyme!!! :@
i'm procastinating.

45min to My girl! Lee jun ki rocks and he seriously does. :)

I LOVE k-box, the food there!! I cant wait for tomorrow!!! bahahahahaha

Grrrr...11:05 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I suddenly felt that French lessons' so fun.. Hahas thanks to Li houng and Rachel wu... ok, jaime n alicia too... Shall not forget Rachel ng and shih han. LOL. Today's french damn fun! Although I'm so insulted... I hope Mdm Tournay didn't believe that I wear revealing clothings COS' I DO NOT!!! but i have a feeling that she believed liars li houng and rachel. I bet they're just envious of me. Bahahahahahaha... jk. And they are so sick-minded... and they LOVE "Pomme. Ok, i have to type real quickly cos' i have alot of hmk have yet to be completed. I guess they're perhaps one of the reasons why i decided i should transfer next year :) hahas.
Jaime and Alicia told me that Jolyn believed that I stalked a HC guy...!!! Ahhhh.. I am so traumatised, Jolyn even said i I was sick... I DIDN'T and I am not so lame to do this stuff!!! I MUST CONVINCE HER!!! Glad that minhui doesn't believe. AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT SHORTIES!!!

I shall stop here.
dont miss me.

Grrrr...5:44 AM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhh... My teeth's so painful. Oh well, I went Balmora to fix my braces with jaime and alicia. I chose green... i must be crazy to choose that, yeah true, it does look like algae. I felt more comforted today when Nicole says luminous Green's cool!
*there goes my phone with its hobby...
ok, a little random. after which we went P.S for lunch.. Subway cookies!!! It's nice but alicia and jaime who has bad taste said they got tired of it after one. After my craving for subway, shall be my craving for XIAO LONG PAO!!! hahas. I said at dhoby ghaut station and started chatting, it's fun frnakly speaking, really fun. :) Now, i can't eat anything, hurts so bad. I guess I shall just treat it as an opportunity to slim down.
I AM SO DAMN ANGRY WITH JAIME AND ALICIA!!! Pls... I have nothing to do with that Hwa chong guy... I DON'T stalk him, we have NO fate or whatever, it's coincidence, pure coincidence! ... and they told it to our seniors! AHHH... I think if i go crazy, jaime and alicia will be the main reason. I feel so threatened by them every single day... I'll go insane one day- and i'm serious. you know their voice's so loud... the whole 3rd floor level could hear them! I'm so embarrassed~ I feel like killin' the both of them... :@
I shall slack now since IT'S FRIDAY!!! my fav day~ lalala. happyhappy. i'm hungry.
Today in school was so boring ): i have no idea why i'm so lethargic in class today... I slept at 10 yst, supposedly early):

Ok, i shall stop here.
I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT HC GUY!!! im so desperate...

Grrrr...3:24 AM

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I finally got my long-awaited-for, super duper yummy, delicious, appetising, lovely, wonderful, too gr8 to b described subway cookie! Yumyum...! :):):):):):):):) I'm so in love with my subway cookie :) Too bad my mum gt me 6 only, I ate 2 le, planning to eat 1 tonight and leave some for tomorrow... Better not gobble all down in the same day in case I left with none ): Gotta treasure it.. I'm so illegally bloggin' again, suppose to be using the comp. for some french stuffs, but i think i'm gonna slack and maybe not do my french stuffs and copy Rachel's answer in school... Hmm... or maybe i should be a guai girl like i've always been. Lol.
There's so many quizzes coming up this week, LA test on Thursday... ): So saddening. I'm so awfully worried abt my History, everytime my history's around the passing marks, a few marks more to the failing mark, so pro right??? ): AHHHHH... i'm going crazy, but thanks 2 subway cookie, I have motivation! Motivation for today~ tomorrow~tomorrow de tomorrow~~~ until i ran out of it. Tomorrow's monday. Eeks, only lyk monday for I can sleep a wee~bit more and wake up later:) Also, that Yeow xuan can take bus with me. It's always sooo much better to have a companion on the bus. I hope next yr, some PL P6 girls leaving near me will get into NY, lyk that I won't be lonely!!!~ Grrgh.
ok, now i don't have to end off by saying how much I miss subway coookie~ but still I <3 lee min ho= SS501= Kim Hyun Joong=Lee Jun Ki :) Bahaha...
g2g.-don't miss me~

Gosh, I havent finish my math hot qns, suddenly rmb. die~~ I told my mum i finish my hmk liaos :) Hehe....

Grrrr...2:22 AM

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's my motivation today- S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y!!! I got so much homework esp. freakin' LA SIA Patchwork 4. Blehs.. I gt damn low ): I need help! I ran out of ideas... no futuristic element... grammar...vocab... no personal voice... Haiyo, so trooublesome sia~
I want my SUBWAY COOKIE!! Poor deprived me. I shall make my mum bring me to Compass point later though I doubt it's possible since I'm so burdened with my work ): I'm soooo fed-up with this thing. And.. my printer.... black colour became brown. How pro can this be!??!! 3 more weeks, uh, maybe 2... to blog test! What have I done for prep? Don't understand everything... urgh, wondering what I'm gonna gt this time round.
I'm soo happy that SS501 collection mv episode 2 is out! Go watch it... It's nice and thrilling :) Highly recommended by moi!! LOL, i'm so into the french word "OUI" cos' of li shuen.. No oui?sometimes oui sometimes no oui? Hahas, damn funny lar. Can't stand it!~
Ok, i shall stop here and go bathe and gt back to my Patchwork later(running away from reality)
i almost forget... Watch My Girl 3pm every wkend! Ahh... Lee jun ki so shuai! :):):):):):):):):):):):)
lee min ho and kim hyun joong too. Bahahahahaha

i bet u cn guess who i'm missing..
I shall dedicate the song "i miss you" by Kim Bum Soo to the person I'm missing:)
I'm crazy abt Subway cookie!!! ahhh!!! and xiao long bao too :)
I LOVE SUBWAY COOKIE!!!Muacks muacks!!!

Grrrr...2:37 AM

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gosh, I seriously am illegally online. I'm multi-taskin again... Watching Paris and Milan, homework, msn-ing, listening to song, blogging... Pro sia~ For the 1st time since 2 weeks, I stayed back in school( excluding french) today for home econs with hanyi, jamie, huiting and rachel. Hahas, it was fun! I guess we disrupted the rest in the library who was studying cos' of the laughter. Know what?! my mum told me that chin will drop if I laugh too much. That's scary...
OK.. what should i write... I got so much hmk!! La, chinois, chem quiz tomorrow ): Ahh.. Chem n bio damn lousy lehs ): Tomorrow no CCA. OK i shall stop writing here and get back crackin'

i luv SS501- OMG!!!

-i wish i noe what's in your mind-

Grrrr...4:44 AM

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Exclamations!!! I got myself 2 bearbrick from the newest series 18!! Wohoo... Bearbrick rocks, seriously...
http://todokawaii.com/bearbrick-series-18/ Go this link to see the new series. I got the spongebob and hello kitty one. And also, randonly, found some cheap ones selling at 2 for $10, speed racer edition! Woooo!! I'm lovin' it! I have a kinda huge collection now. Perhaps I can sell them and earn hundred over plus money when I got tired of them which I suppose I'll never ever!! Hehe.
Heys, go watch the newest SS501 collection mv. (even if you're not interested in them) but it's a nice show? or is it video... ~5mins long 1st eps. I bet you can't wait for the 2nd after watching it!
I'm craving for Subway cookies now!~ i think i'm gonna make my mum get some for me.

-i can't seem to forget certain things-

Grrrr...6:39 AM

I am so proud of my teachers for like the 1st time... So little homework. Gonna slack the whole weekend and monday.
I went Marina Barraige(is this how u spell?) yesterday cos' of this family day thingy organised by my dad's company. Had to wake up at 7am and so.. there goes my sleep!): That place was beautiful. Got a gr8 scenery that was undescribable. High up there, the breath-taking sight of the sea, the SIngapore Flyer, Skyscrapers..really beautiful. It was quiet up there, as little people would wanna go out and up there under the scorching sun. I was bored of the little games, so I decided to take a walk up there. It was nice, really nice. With the camera and my phone, I took shots of the scenery that was really nice. I love that place,I wish I can return to that place one day. I paced all the way to the highest point that was when the rest caught up with me. There was this father and son who was flying a kite. Wow, it was made by the father himself, hand-made kite. I remembered the kite making project In.. P3? Hahas, failed terribly, scotch-tape everywhere... The son taught me to fly the kite... It was damn fun! I was tentative at first, afraid I would cause some trouble since it was my first time... Luckily, i didn't.
I played games organised by the company, and helped my dad's group, Blue team, I won myself some gifts. One of the gifts was really special. Future telling bottle! :) Im childish yeah?Lol.
Shih han came my house today to complete freaking french interview. Well, we did on Lee Min Ho.Lol. It's good work. Had pizza, chicken wings... :)
I don't want tuesday to come. Really don't want to );...

Grrrr...6:27 AM

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's finally Friday! Bahahaha! hey see this: I am so happy everyday because I am healthy
and strong. Playing Jumping here I go... Scott's emulsion help's me grow.... G.R.O.W. grow!
(Ok, i know this is lame) So happy again that there's no school on Monday :) Happyhappy!
I'll be eternally grateful to Kah Poh for taking over my duty for me! Thanks a million. And
Rachel wu for her present, though she insulted me indirectly.... LoL. Shih han too. Had changed
thus a new deskie, Tingting. She's nice and lame :) just like me. Wahaha. But i prefer to sit right
at the back so I cn do sneaky stuffs. Hahas. Have lots of homework to complete ): Feel so sian
at the thought of it. I realise I am very random when i blog here, and tends to stray out from
my thoughts so easily.
Guess what?! Ah. Ah. Ah.!!!! SS501 is coming to s'pore. Say Uhlalala...(but Uhlala means nt
good in Francais):
Bahaha.... Wish to get their tickets though it's kinda impossible. I'm broke. Lol.
I g2g, gonna be guai and do my French now ):

Grrrr...1:51 AM

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